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Welcome Letter

As an educator and mother of three children, I have a genuine passion to build the first steps in a child’s journey, most of my life has been dedicated to building child preschool and it became my life-long goal.

I started working as a nursery teacher then a nursery supervisor for six years, from that moment I become hooked! Seven years on and I am still fascinated by these little people who with one smile can brighten up my day in an instant. As a mom like you, I always look forward to embracing and celebrate every child’s milestones and achievements.

I hope the information I share on this website will give you a sense of our Nursery’s community spirit and strong values. Children at Green Grass nursery have countless opportunities to develop their own interests, curiosity, and personality.

My aim is to provide a learning journey for children when they feel A Home away from Home with our caring staff, all of whom believe in our mission “to celebrate the love of learning and the joy of the journey “.

Again, I hope the words and information in this website will spark your curiosity about Green Grass Nursery. Please come visit us and experience it for yourself.

Arwa Naccho

Mum, Educator, Nursery Principal


I will be out and about in the nursery and look forward to meeting you and your families.

As a MUM and from my experience, I believe the parents feel more to ask these “frequently asked questions,” which I listed below, I hope it will help:

  • What are the staff qualifications at Green Grass nursery?

    All educators require a minimum of certificate 3 in children’s services. Each room has a leading teacher who holds a diploma in children’s services or higher, a Support teacher and an Assistant teacher who hold formal certification in cache level 1 and 2, along with First Aid training and continuous CPD training.

  • Do you cater a meal for nursery? What type of food do you provide?

    We have two options at Green Grass nursery healthy food program session and non-meal session, including Breakfast/snack/lunch. We are thrilled to partners with Leela’s lunch to provide fresh, wholesome, ready to eat hot meals and snacks for the meal-session program.

  • What are the classroom routine, schedule, ratio?

    The classroom routine varies depending on the age of the child. The children in the babies room follow their individual home routine. As they progress to the bigger age of the group, we begin to blend this routine with a more structured learning scheduled routine that follows regular mealtime, sleeping time in Toddler, nursery, foundation rooms.

  • What curriculum are you following at GGN?

    We are following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)framework as well as implementing childhood theorists such as Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia. We are teaching Arabic and French language following the EYFS framework.

  • How are behavioral issues dealt with in the nursery?

    All educators hold qualifications in children’s services and many trainings with a behavioral issue. Furthermore, we are working closely with Hope AMC center as a support, guidance and therapy department to deliver services in school when needed.

  • How, will I know what my child has done in their day at the nursery?

    We are working as partnerships with the parent, we have an open day policy in our nursery, so our team takes the time to have that vital chat in person with you at the collection and drop off times every day.

    We also have our nursery App (Parent app) allow you to communicate with your teacher and the admin team .this Application gives you daily updates on your child’s day, including their activities and upcoming events.

  • what is the age of a group of children in each room?

    Babies room: caters aged 6 months to walking stage.
    Toddlers room: caters children aged 1.2 months to 2.2 months.
    Nursery room: caters children aged 2.2 months to 3 years.
    Foundation Room: caters children aged three years to 4 years.

  • what do I need to bring in for my child?

    All families are asked to provide a spare set of clothes for their child in case of any spillages or accidents. Please provide nappies and nappy cream to ensure you have control over the products you want your child to use.

  • what is your accident policy and procedure?

    We have a clear policy and procedure to support any accidents that may occur at our center. We have our nurse in house, all staff at the Centre are trained in First Aid. Should an accident occur, parents will be informed either at collection time or via telephone immediately through our nurse. The nurse completes an accident form containing full details of the situation and how it was managed.