Toddler room: children turning 2’s Ratio: one adult to 4 children

Our Toddler Room supports toddlers who are becoming confident in their mobility giving them opportunities for exploring and investigating the world around them. Our safe and stimulating room fosters children’s curiosity to support their learning and development.

It has a homely feel and includes separate areas for messy and non-messy play. They develop their physical skills on ‘sit and ride’ toys, pushing trolleys, and our ‘Community Playthings’ play gym. There are lots of puzzles, shape sorters, and games to enjoy while they develop they’re fine motor skills.


There is plenty of time for staff to spend with children singing songs, telling stories, and supporting their developing communication skills and language acquisition. The staff ensures that children are supported on a one to one basis and that their daily care needs, as well as learning and development needs, are well met.

It is so important during this age group that children are interacting and socializing with other children. Sensorial play is a huge aspect of turning 2’s.

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