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Preparing your children for a lifetime of reading at every growing stage

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

“Preparing your children for a lifetime of reading at every growing stage” A quote by Margaret Fuller, yet a testament to the capabilities our children achieve as they learn to read. Like leadership, reading is not a skill that can be learned on its own; it requires gentle guidance and a proactive approach in our children’s reading experiences. There’s no prouder feeling for a parent of a young child than to watch them appreciate and fall in love with reading!

For young children, teachers play a huge role in preparing children to understand reading, however, it’s ultimately up to you as your little one’s trusted family to support imagination and take active steps in order to ignite the admiration for reading.

Here are some tips to help you encourage the love of reading in your home:

“Preparing your children for a lifetime of reading at every growing stage” Your child is at the opportune moment to absorb knowledge and healthy habits. Read to your children as soon as they begin to understand storytelling, and even before that. Begin a book collection and add books as your young one grows up. As your child begins to learn their sounds and words, continue to reinforce more learning.

If your child wants to pick out their own books, let them do it. And, if they ask for another chapter or to keep reading past your allotted time, don’t instinctively say “no.” Whatever you have waiting can wait.

Support your children into growing bonds with your own favorite childhood books. If you’re reading them the Harry Potter books, put passion into character voices and read as if you’re the narrator of your child’s own imagination.

“Preparing your children for a lifetime of reading at every growing stage “Reading level books are usually some of the first homework children bring home from school because it’s the most important.

Ignoring that reading bag can have a huge impact on how your little one grows up. If your child doesn’t express interest in the types of books they’re sent home with, take them to the library and let them have their own library card. Or, browse a book store and let them pick out some similar level books that align with their interests!

If your child is struggling with wanting to read, don’t force them to do it. It’s important not to give up either and always keep books within the visible reach of your children. If you stop encouraging reading or don’t show any interest in reading either, a child may mimic your own feelings toward it and develop an absent feeling towards books.

Some of the best books become movies. You can begin to promote an interest in reading a book after your child has enjoyed the movie. They’ll know what happens and will probably be more motivated to learn what happened between the scenes. Remember to constantly praise your child’s learning and passion for reading!

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