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children turning 3s’: Ratio: one adult to 5 children


Children aged 2-3 years old have increasingly well-developed physical and language skills. We support these areas in their continuing development. Children’s curiosity is at an all-time high as they happily explore and investigate the world around them – seeking answers to the perpetual question ‘why?’ We motivate your child to learn, encouraging them to try new things, and ensuring that quality time is spent with them in both small groups and individually. The development of social skills is continuing, and staff support children starting to understand how to engage with others – taking time and sensitively supporting difficult concepts such as sharing and turn-taking. Your child will be E-Learning numbers and letters through our approach to storytelling, songs, and rhymes whilst their speech and vocabulary will be advancing. Children feel secure when they have a consistent routine: we support this through event sequencing.

We ensure that our 2-3-year-olds environment is inviting and interesting, and you will see your children exploring various areas of provision, including:


Choosing the right nursery in Al Wasl for your child may be a tough task to do. It takes a lot of research to be sure. Don’t worry; instead of searching for ‘nursery near me’ over the Internet, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us. We are the best nursery in Dubai who offer a great environment to the kids where they can grow and learn things in the best way possible. Prefer our nursery near city walk if you want see your child blooming like the most beautiful flower on this earth.

Our Highlights:

We are among the best nurseries in Dubai who offer quality education and care. Our programs have been designed in such a way that every child gets the right opportunity to grow and learn the things in an organic manner. Here, we have mentioned a few of our highlights that will help you understand better what we offer in our nursery in Al Wasl:

Great Reputation As A Nursery

Good word-of-mouth is something that cannot be created without true efforts. One has to be very honest with what he/she is doing. At Green Grass Nursery, we take innovative approach to do even the normal things when it comes to nurture a child.

This approach has made us favourite among the masses. You can get in touch with the parents who have trusted us for their kids and get their feedbacks or you can check the reviews shared by them online. Our sessions are a perfect blend of informative, academic and play-based educational programs. All these things together have earned us the reputation we have in Dubai.

Active Learning

Young kids learn the best when they get to do it by themselves or have a close exposure to the things. They tend to discover and play when they get to do it on their own.

This is what active learning is all about. Being an important part of our nursery programs, these activities help your child to be confident about themselves and perform daily tasks in the most efficient manner.

Engaging Facilities

While selecting a nursery for your child, you need to be sure about their facilities. Your kids can’t read books all the time. And, they won’t feel like doing this if modern facilities are not there. So, it is very important to check if sufficient gadgets, screens, tools and toys are there so that your child can keep learning in an engaging way without feeling bored. We take care of all these things and have designed our classrooms like that only!

Comforting Environment For Kids

Another good part of our nursery in Dubai is the environment we offer. We understand that it is the first time when kids are going to leave their homes and parents for a few hours on a daily basis, and adjustment issues will be there. We try our best to make them feel like they are at home. You can visit our nursery near city walk within the active hours and see it yourself.

You can see the way kids tend to interact with the teachers and with one another. Also, you will see how fun, comforting and safe our classrooms are.

Passionate Teachers

All our teachers are passionate enough to be engaged with the children and help them explore their best versions. We hire only the trained and experienced professionals and retrain them so that they can take the best care of your children. Some of the qualities that you will notice in our teachers are:

So, if you are tired of searching ‘nursery near me’ over Google, plan a visit to our nursery today!

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