Nursery in Al Wasl, Dubai

Nursery classroom

children turning 3s’: Ratio: one adult to 5 children


Children aged 2-3 years old have increasingly well-developed physical and language skills. We support these areas in their continuing development. Children’s curiosity is at an all-time high as they happily explore and investigate the world around them – seeking answers to the perpetual question ‘why?’ We motivate your child to learn, encouraging them to try new things and ensuring that quality time is spent with them in both small groups and individually. The development of social skills is continuing, and staff support children starting to understand how to engage with others – taking time and sensitively supporting difficult concepts such as sharing and turn-taking. Your child will be Learning numbers and letters through our approach to storytelling, songs, and rhymes whilst their speech and vocabulary will be advancing. Children feel secure when they have a consistent routine: we support this through event sequencing.

It is so important during this age group that children are interacting and socializing with other children. Sensorial play is a huge aspect of turning 2’s

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