Our Early Years Nursery team at GGN has set up a hands-on mobile library in every classroom where children go to, browse, look at, and read.

Our library has a homey touch and is inviting to encourage our children to spend more time reading. At GGN Al Manara, we have an “Al Ghaf Library ” with best-selling scholastic books in Arabic that work as resources to develop a love for the Arabic language in children. designed sessions of the puppet shows, different story sacks based on themes and animals. Our libraries are home to High standard, recommended author books for children of all ages that help them to develop listening skills, communication skills, and literacy skills.

Green Grass Nursery started the Growing Little Readers program in 2016 to reinforce the love of books and stories and nurture the desire to be a reader. We are working in partnership with parents and inviting storytellers to reinforce the reading habits of children. Special story-telling classes are integrated within the daily routine, whether they are read from books or told stories.

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