Indoor play area

Green Grass Nursery in Dubai features a large indoor play area that promotes providing a space where children can play to the fullest. Our indoor environment encourages free play that has unique benefits of physical development, social and cognitive skills.

Our Early year center play area is equipped with age-appropriate equipment, where young little ones enjoy bright and sensory play equipment, and older children enjoy the physically challenging play. Physical play and exercise help children build physical growth and strength. Our specially designed climbers ensure coordination, balance, and fine motor skills develop in children. GGN has designed sensory tables with water, sand, classroom, and household supplies where children learn the sensory skills by squashing, pouring, and digging. This promotes free to play.

We have a dedicated roleplay area where children develop their imagination and learn to be more expressive and curious.

The GGN encourages physical development approach in the early year’s program through activities and ideas on daily basis for children to see, explore, do, and play.

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