Green Grass Nursery, a distinguished British nursery in Dubai, is committed to embracing inclusivity at its core. Adhering to the principles of the British Equality Act (2010), we warmly welcome and encourage families seeking a nursery school well-versed in ‘additional needs’ teaching. into our approach to inclusive education,

detailing how our Early Years practitioners play a crucial role in identifying and addressing developmental challenges. Additionally, we discuss the various resources and support systems we have in place to ensure every child thrives in our nurturing environment.



At Green Grass Nursery, our highly trained Early Years practitioners are dedicated to closely monitoring each child under their care. Their keen observations help detect behavioral changes that may warrant attention. Should any concerns arise, our first step is to engage in open communication with parents to collaboratively find appropriate solutions. In many cases, we’ve successfully overcome challenging behavioral patterns. However, in instances of more severe developmental delays, we explore long-term options and, when necessary, recommend consultations with external assessment professionals and therapists.



We adhere to the SEND Code of Practice (2014), meticulously documenting classroom session notes to ensure we are following recommended guidelines. These notes serve as a foundation for crafting Individual Learning Plans (IEPs) tailored to each child’s unique needs, with active involvement from parents. By creating these IEPs, we aim to provide comprehensive support and guidance that nurtures every child’s development and fosters a sense of belonging within our inclusive environment.


Fostering Unity through Inclusion


At Green Grass Nursery, we have forged valuable partnerships with qualified therapists who conduct inclusion sessions, working closely with both the child and our dedicated class teams. In some instances, a child may require additional support from a shadow teacher. In such cases, we extend our support by assisting families in identifying suitable experts who can work closely with the child to achieve their developmental goals.


We extend an open invitation to families, even if their child is not enrolled with us, to visit our nursery and engage in discussions regarding our ‘additional needs’ practices. We believe that sharing knowledge and insights can lead to better outcomes for all children, irrespective of where they receive their education. By fostering an open and collaborative environment, we hope to contribute positively to the inclusive education landscape in Dubai. 

Our commitment to inclusion revolves around key support areas:


  • Creating an Accessible Learning Environment: We strive to ensure that our nursery is a welcoming and accommodating space for every child, regardless of their unique needs.
  • Encouraging Play, Learning, and Participation: We actively promote a culture of inclusivity, where every child is encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of nursery life.
  • Assisting with Information and Resources: We provide comprehensive guidance to parents and providers, helping them access relevant information and professional resources.

Green Grass Nursery collaborates closely with a specialist child center and local schools, underscoring our commitment to assisting parents in making the best educational decisions for their children. By forging these partnerships, we ensure a seamless transition for children who may require specialized support beyond our nursery environment. This collaborative approach reinforces our dedication to providing holistic support for children with ‘additional needs.’



At Green Grass Nursery, our pursuit of inclusive education is a testament to our dedication to every child’s well-being and development. Through our trained practitioners, tailored IEPs, and collaborative partnerships, we create a nurturing environment where children with ‘additional needs’ can thrive. We remain steadfast in our commitment to openness, collaboration, and continuous improvement as we strive to be a leading British nursery in Dubai.

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