Healthy Food Program

Promoting healthy lifestyles is really important to us, so we work hard to teach the children about healthy living and healthy eating We promote meal times as an opportunity for learning as well as a time for calm social interaction. we are working in building a good eating habits that will hopefully set the pattern for a child’s future relationship with food

We at Green grass nursery, trilled to partner with yum In a Box to cater our children with a nutritionally balanced and nourishing menu. we can introduce the children to wholesome yet delicious food, whilst teaching them about the importance of good nutrition and fulfilling all their nutritional needs. 

Healthy Food Program


Yum in a Box is on a mission to make children fall in love with healthy wholesome food! We offer kids healthy choices of food on a daily basis, increasing, at the same time, awareness on healthy eating habits through a product which is designed to provide a balanced diet and to engage and stimulate.

The Menus, created by two certified nutritionists, offer a daily variety of choices of healthy, tasteful and nutritious meals throughout the school year. Part of the Yum in a Box offering consists in organizing periodical thematic events for kids and their parents with the aim of raising awareness of the benefits and positive effects of a balanced diet and of healthy eating habits.

The food is prepared using high quality, fresh and natural ingredients. We pride ourselves to pay particular attention to the consistent level of quality and presentation, in order to make the eating experience very pleasant both taste wise and look wise.

Click here to Download YIAB TERM 2 MENU 2020 January

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