Foundation classroom

FS1 is a magical time in a child’s life and an opportunity for him or her to  develop into a lifelong learner. We work closely with parents to ensure  children are provided with a strong foundation for learning as they move  towards FS2 and beyond.  

At GGN children at the end of FS1 are able: 

  • To name /write and recognize the sounds of the letters  
  • To recognize and write their own name  
  • To read VC and CVC words 
  • Math basic critical thinking, problem-solving, mathematical language.

In FS1, Our EYFS team will inspire wonder and curiosity in our littlest  students, through the GGN environment and their everyday activities. 

During Foundation Stage 1, we concentrate specifically on developing  children’s physical, social and communication skills. We provide experiences  and activities that are challenging but achievable.

This learning continues into FS2 in the big school, with a shift of more focus  onto  

Reading (we support and scaffold individual children’s reading, children will be  able to read simple sentences,) 

Writing (children can write not only their own names but other things such as  labels and captions)

Mathematics( The children will be able to talk about size, weight , capacity ,  position, distance and time. They will learn and use mathematical names for  “solid” 3D shapes and the mathematical terms to describe shapes) and problem  solving. 

We also look at the wider world and our own immediate environment, and try to  understand how and why things happen and our youngest pupils are inspired to 

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