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Green Grass nursery Offering E-learning for FS1

Our aim: Providing online geared programme while engaging the children in a simple manner

For the parent who prefer continue learning at home, Green Grass nursery has developed a fun and engaging learning programme designed to ensure that learning continues every day. It enables the children to have a stable routine and prepare them for the big school Green Grass nursery overcomes distance learning challenges to deliver the best of EYFS online and keep children connected, having the hands-on educational approach in partnership with parents.

Brief summary of this programme :
It is a Monthly e-learning programmme based on the most popular and fantastic children books

This programme contains :

  • Private zoom session with the class teacher
  • Virtual preschool circle time themed session
  • Tutorial videos
  • Activity sheets base on a story-based approach
  • Weekly planning
  • Links to educational materials and websites
  • Weekly physical development session with Kiddie gym
  • Weekly reports

  • We are designing the E-learning programme only for the FS1 age group (2.5y-4y)
  • Starting date September 6/2020

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Story name: The Gruffalo


Term 1 : Home Learning Weekly Plan


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  • Weekly individual classes via the Zoom app with the teacher
  • 10weeks summer programme
  • Full Arabic programme/full English programme
  • Weekly Lesson plans with various weekly activities and worksheets based on the Story-based approach programme
  • Physical activities and movement every Thursday with Kiddie Gym