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Nurse - Jumeirah

Green Grass nursery has its clinic fully equipped First Aid Room with all the necessary equipment and basic first aid medications. We have a full-time DHA licensed Nurse on premises to safeguard the wellbeing of our children.
Our visiting doctor from Al Jalilia Hospital who will be visiting us once per month who carries out continuous medical examinations on all children with parental consent. Dr. Carrie Starkie is here to offer support and advice to all of the families at Green Grass nursery.


Our medical team

The administering of medication is strictly monitored and governed by procedures and DHA guidelines to ensure the safety of all children, and all our staff members are holding a current First Aid certificate and CPR qualifications. Bumps and scrapes are part of childhood. In the event an accident should occur within the school, a full report from the Nurse is documented and provided to parents.
Parents should sign a medication consent form the Nurse for any required medication during the day at the nursery.


Clinic doctor

When a child may not attend school ?

  • When the child may not come to school – Your child shouldn’t go to nursery or his childminder if he has any of the following:
  • A fever, which is a temperature of over 38 °C (100.4 °F), He/she should not go to nursery until 24 hours after his temperature returns to normal and he starts to feel better.
  • An illness of the airways, such as bronchiolitis or the flu. Keep your child at home until he is better, particularly if he also has a fever. If your child has whooping cough, he can go back to school 48 hours after starting antibiotics if he’s feeling well enough.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting. If your child has been sick or has diarrhea, you’ll need to keep him at home for 48 hours after he was last sick or did a runny poo. You should also wait two weeks before your child goes swimming.
  • Conjunctivitis. This can be uncomfortable for your child as young children have hard time not touching their itchy eyes; the child needs to stay at home minimum 24h hours or until eyes are clear from discharge;
  • If your child has a rash with a fever or shows other signs of illness, keep him at home. It can often be a sign of an infectious disease, such as:
  • Chickenpox. Wait until five days after his last spot appears. You don’t need to wait until all the spots have crusted over before he goes back to nursery, as the risk of infection by this stage is very low.
  • Hand, foot, and mouth diseases. There’s no specific advice about how long your child will need to stay away from nursery, so just keep him at home until he feels better.
  • Scarlet fever. Your child can go back to nursery after he’s been on antibiotics for 24 hours, if he’s feeling well enough. If he doesn’t have antibiotics, he’ll be infectious for two to three weeks.
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