As an educator and mother of three children, I have a genuine passion for building the first steps in a child’s journey. Most of my life has been dedicated to building child preschool, which became my life-long goal.

I started working as a nursery teacher and then a nursery supervisor for six years; from that moment, I became hooked! Ten years on, and I am still fascinated by these little people who, with one smile, can instantly brighten up my day. As a mom like you, I always look forward to embracing and celebrating every child’s milestones and achievements.

I believe that language acquisition is one of the more remarkable achievements of early childhood. In 2022, I was delighted to introduce the first fully bilingual programme from the early years with a great emphasis on the Arabic language.

Children at Green Grass Nursery have countless opportunities to develop their interests, curiosity, and personality in both languages. I aim to provide a learning journey for children when they feel a Home away from Home with our caring staff, who believe in our mission “to celebrate the love of learning and the joy of the journey”.

I hope the information I share on this website will give you a sense of our Nursery’s community spirit and strong values. I hope the words and information on this website will spark your curiosity about Green Grass Nursery. Please visit us and experience it for yourself.


Arwa Naccho

Mum, Educator, Nursery Principal

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