Academic Calendar 2021 – 2022

Term 1 - Autumn 2021-2022

First Day of Term

Sun 5th Sep ‘21

Half Term -Nursery closed
(Daycare Available)

Tue 19th – Thu 21st October ’21

Prophet's Birthday

Thu 21st Oct '21*

Martyrs’ Day*

Wed 1st Dec ‘21

National Day*

Thu 2nd Dec '21*-Fri 3rd Dec ‘21

Last Day of Term

Wed 8th Dec '21

Winter Camp

Sun 12th Dec -Thu 30st Dec ‘21

Term 2 - Spring 2021-2022

First Day of Term

Mon 3rd - Jan '22

Half Term -Nursery closed
(Daycare Available)

Wed 16th - Fri 19th Feb '22

Term Ends

Wed 25th - Mar '22

Spring Camp

Mon 28th Mar '22 - Fri 8th Apr '22

Term 3 - Summer 2021-2022

First Day of Term

Mon 11th Apr’22

Ramadan Commences *Timing reduced

Sat 2nd April

Eid Al Fitr *

Sun 1st May '22

Last Day of Term

Thur 30th Jun '22

Summer Camp

Mon 4th July - Fri 26th Aug '22

*Islamic observance, actual dates to be confirmed (subject to Ministry of education approval)

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