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5 Useful Tips To Prepare Your Kid For Nursery

As a parent, it’s fulfilling to see your child growing and reaching an age when he is all set to start with schooling. Though it is not easy to prepare yourself as well your child, it is one of the must-do things you have to do in order to ensure a bright future for your kid. You need to get both you and your child prepared for it and finding a nursery in Jumeirah 1 can be your first step in this direction. Pick a nursery which you find to be the best nursery in Jumeirah and start preparing.

Here, we have shared 5 valuable tips to ensure a good preparation while sending your kid outside home for the first time:

1- Get Him Familiar With His New Place

This is the first thing which must be done without failure. Unfortunately, most of the parents don’t find it important which is extremely sad. You should never skip this one essential thing as this is how you introduce your kid to something he has to deal with on a daily basis. Plan a visit to a preschool in Jumeirah, meet the teachers and other staff, let your child mix up and notice if he is comfortable.

2- Prefer Comfort Clothing Over Style

Colours, paints, clay, crayons, toys, snacks etc. will be there all day. In between all this, it might be quite inconvenient for your child if you dress up him in tight-fitting clothes. So, you should prefer clothes that resemble comfort more than style. Let it be all about his comfort and convenience on his first day in a nursery in Dubai. Your kid is not going to hit the stage for a ramp walk; keep that in mind.

3- Start Getting Up Early

Most of the children have a tendency to wake up late. They run here and there all the time, try to explore every nook and corner of the house and sleep late which results in late mornings. If your child is also among them, you need to change this habit. Try to sleep on time and make your child do the same; so that both of you can wake up early and start your day on time.

4- Explain Him About The Day

The next thing you should do is to give him an idea of how the day is going to be. You should try to discuss everything in detail, from teachers to activities, snacks and all the other things. He must be able to visualise almost everything in his mind before actually stepping into his nursery in Jumeirah 1.

5- Expect The Unexpected

Make it a rule; not everything is going to happen the way you thought. Leaving him on day one might be a little weird. Don’t worry; keep calm and handle the situation carefully.