Bilingual Arabic and English programme


“Children are experts in English and Arabic languages”

Our new bilingual Arabic and English programme, will initially be offered to all our students starting from the toddler classroom. This unique programme allows younger students to develop a good understanding of the Arabic language, customs, and culture. Children are having Arabic and English days alternatively.

Students will also become immersed in UAE and Arabic culture. They will be taught by an experienced Arabic early years specialist, and supported by a qualified English-speaking teaching assistant. We will be following the framework of the EYFS early years Programme, and our Arabic attested curriculum.

"bilingual Arabic and English programme" Arwa said, personally very interested in our beautiful Arabic language , I believe Young children learn a second language more easily than adults because the window of opportunity for learning language is still open for them. The acquisition of language is one of the more remarkable achievements of early childhood.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce this unique programme from the early years and to be the first early years center that has this structured programme This is a unique programme in Dubai, and one that we believe will appeal not only to local Emirati and Arabic speaking families but also to expat families wanting their young children to have an understanding of the Arabic language and culture.

The programme will also be enriched by UAE and Arab customs, traditions, heritage, and will include Classical Arabic language arts, music, story-telling, and lots more."

At the same time, students will be provided with many digital books and learning apps through our own Arabic language platform.

Our nursery library also provides a variety of books and resources, which helps deepen the students’ understanding of the Arabic language and culture, aids in boosting their confidence, ease their integration with others, and builds their international-mindedness.

Arwa Naccho


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