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Baby room: children from 4months onwards

Ratio: one adult to every 2 babies

Our program is developed to cater to your baby’s individual unique patterns for play, feeding, and sleeping.

Our educators ensure routines are followed for each individual child as they would be at home.

Our baby room is headed by a baby room coordinator who is a qualified nurse and stuff who is trained with pediatric knowledge.

We use this as a guide to introduce daily activities (tummy time, walk, crawl, sensory activities, music, and movement, baby yoga) that will spark their interest and promote healthy brain development. Lots of personal attention and interaction from our educators will also help to develop basic cognitive and social skills.

Every activity carried out with your baby is designed to develop their physical strength and their hand-eye coordination; develop their senses and spatial orientation; develop skills in an environment rich with sights and sounds, and encourage social-emotional interaction, which helps to develop their communication skills.