Green Grass Nursery  Practices Reggio Emilia’s approach to early childhood education. Reggio Emilia values children as resilient, imaginative, and knowledgeable. It’s child originated and teacher-framed curriculum. The Reggio Emilia approach is an inspiration and resource to help educators, parents, and children as they work together to develop child grow their own voice and individuality.

Our Reggio approach to teaching Inspired by Loris Malaguzzi’s “The Hundred Languages of Children,” GGN Al Manara created Atelier, an art studio: is an extension of a classroom that houses multiple artistic tools and materials in an environment that includes recycled items, natural materials, clay, paint, and so on. The space in our early learning center is thoughtful and rich, multi-layered, creating an environment that is considered the third teacher. The highlight of the atelier is that we display our children’s documents that reflect and shape a child into a capable, creative, and critical thinker.

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