Nursery Arabic Classes

Arabic Classes and UAE Education

“Arabic Classes and UAE Education” We provide the children with daily Arabic language lessons. we are giving a great emphasis of this wonderful language. Our Arabic teacher uses British EYFS as a framework and starting point. She Gives Arabic session 4 days a week for half an hour. our Arabic teacher integrates the language with the current theme of the class.

The children cover Arabic greetings, letters, vocabulary, colors, and numbers through music and play activities, stories that make learning all the more fun! The objective of the programme is to create a platform from which they can go on to study Arabic in primary school.

Our Early Years program is based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, while also reflecting the culture and heritage of Dubai and the UAE. we enable young children to learn about UAE culture & tradition We proudly celebrate the UAE national day with enthusiastic participation from our parents.

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Arabic Classes and UAE Education,arabic classes for kids
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