Advantages of Learning Languages in Early years childhood

Advantages of Bilingual Early Learning

In today’s interconnected world, knowing more than one language is a definite advantage. Learning multiple languages at a young age is beneficial for a child's mental growth. Between the ages of 0-3 years, the child’s brain is more flexible. Hence, learning a second or even a third language at a young age is easier than in adulthood. It often helps the child do much better in life. Advantages of bilingual early learning include:

  • Cognitive Benefits: Children exposed to multiple languages show enhanced cognitive functions, such as improved problem-solving skills, understanding of math concepts, and logical reasoning. They also exhibit better memory, focus, and decision-making abilities.
  • Social And Emotional Benefits: Bilingual children tend to have stronger family bonds and cultural ties. They demonstrate greater adaptability to diverse cultures, as well as social skills and empathy. Enhanced self-control indicates potential for academic success.
  • Learning Benefits: Bilingualism contributes to academic performance in later years. Not only does it promote flexible thinking and abstract reasoning; it also contributes to better concentration, memory, creativity, as well as logical and lateral thinking.
  • Longterm Benefits: Being able to speak more than one language is extremely desirable in the world today. It is easier for bilingual people to find job opportunities. Learning a second language provides opportunities to participate in the global community where they can easily communicate with people from other regions, countries, and cultures.

In a multicultural family where family members come from different communities and cultures, parents can assist their children by ensuring that different languages are spoken at home. These languages can also be incorporated into games, books, and recreational activities.

At Green Grass Nursery, we support bilingual early learning and encourage our children to speak more than one language. We have an immersive Arabic language program that helps children acquire the language and understand the culture of the country they live in.

Arwa Naccho
Green Grass Nursery

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