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Growing Little Readers

Reading Program In Jumeirah Nursery

Growing Little Readers Program

As research shows that the earlier children have enjoyable experiences with books and reading, the earlier their language and literacy skills blossom. Green Grass Nursery started Growing Little Readers program from 2016 to reinforce the love of books and stories, and nurtures the desire to be a reader. This program develops the ability to explore the connections between written and spoken word through a playful approach to phonics, this will help the child to grow into a confident and lifelong reader .

How Growing Little Readers Program will help the child to grow into confident reader???

Special story telling classes:

Special classes integrated within the schedule whether those story were read from books or told stories .Special story telling classes integrated within the daily schedule.

The books and people they read about can become like friends. Reading aloud to babies and children is important in their early years and has an impact on their development and future learning. Stories can help children cope with many feelings and problems and they learn things about the world just by enjoying the story.

Let’s read approach is designed to provide parents with handy Hints & Tips, recommend reading lists, and suggested activities for parents and children to explore together. Some of these books will be available at GGN Reception for the children to borrow and bring after reading it at home. Those books are provided by the children to encourage them for sharing

Let’s Read reading tipshave been developed by early literacy and early childhood experts. Those tips provide practical information to support families to read anywhere and anytime with children every day from birth to 4 Years. we will always send it through our monthly newsletter along with list of recommended book for children to read at home .

Reading partners: as parent to read with child in a small group

We are proud to continue for the 3rd year with our program Growing little readers which we design to develop and improve the children reading skills and reading habits at nursery.

Parents can continue this growth at home by supporting their learning in many different ways.

Our program designed to:

Provide children with a daily storytelling session.

Reading partners: We are working in partnership with parents to reinforcing the reading habits for children. So, we are looking to invite (mother or father) to read with a child in a small group.

We are inviting storytellers to do read with our children.

We are happy to share with our parents some lovable books /monthly, so we are encouraging Loving readers at home.

Caring, sharing, growing: share your old books with us we will display it in the reception area ..children can share with their friends.

Happy Reading

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