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Nursery After School Activities

After School Enrichment program:

Our nursery curriculum is combined with our ‘child enrichment program’ which puts the child at the center in order to create a happy child. We are happy to inform you that we have lots of fun-filled activities in the afternoon throughout the whole week. Our extra-curriculum activities are:

Our nursery provides ASA with NO EXTRA COST FOR PARENTS:

  • Growing Little Readers /Storytelling.
  • Sensory Stem activities.
  • Music & Movement.
  • Construction Workers.
  • Football with Football center.
  • Creativity, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Mini Chef.
  • Science using discovery lab.
  • Role play & Dress up.

Nursery After school activities
Nursery After school activities

Please Note. There is no addition cost to these activities. All Activities are paid by the nursery.

Timing: 2:00-6:00pm on daily basis

Kindly find attached the weekly schedule.

Please click to download the ASA

After-school activities play an important role in development of students. Books are not the all they want. They need to grow as an individual and after-school activities are the best ways for this purpose. If you are looking for a nursery after school activities in Dubai, you have landed at the right page!

We Can Help Them Grow

We, at Green Grass Nursery, motivate kids to enjoy after-school activities and learn life hacks at the same time. Our sole purpose is to enable your child grow in this competitive world at full potential while keeping their mental health sound at the same time. We also offer an option for the parents to be indulged in some of the extracurricular activities where you can see your child growing and learning in a playful manner and your child enjoying your company.

Benefits of After-School Activities

Don’t think much about the benefits if you are considering a nursery after school activities for your child as there are a lot. Just plan a visit to our campus someday, enrol your kid and let him grow at a rapider rate. Top benefits are:

Helpful For Working Families

If you are a working couple, there is nothing better than an after school nursery. Working, taking care of the household and raising children altogether is a really difficult task. Don’t worry; our activities have been scheduled in order to relieve off a lot of stress from the parents. We assure you that your child will be enjoying things after school while you will be busy in other things.

Promotes Teamwork in Kids

Teamwork is an important aspect of life. Everyone should know how to work with others in a comfortable yet productive manner as it is needed on almost every stage of life. Since childhood to teens, and then adulthood, working together always brings results. And, this is what your child learns during nursery after school activities at our nursery in Dubai.

Improves Kids’ Health

Extracurricular activities have been proved to promote physical as well as mental health in kids. Can you ignore that? You cannot, we know!

They Get To Explore Their Interests

Our after school sessions are all about variety. You child will get to be a part of a number of programs as that’s how we help young kids to find what makes them actually happy. Having one or more hobbies helps children to make better decisions in their personal as well as professional lives in future!