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EYFS (British curriculum) Nursery in Dubai

The main emphasis of Green Grass Nursery curriculum is to plan activities based on the interests and developmental level of the child. Our educators will conduct meaningful theme planning based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which explains how and what the child will be learning to support their healthy development. Children of Green Grass Nursery will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

British nurseries have been very popular among the parents in UAE over the past few years. Educating children through poems and games was never a bad idea, and EYFS has made it even more systematic and efficient. If you are looking for a British nursery Dubai for your kid, you are at the right place. We are the best EYFS curriculum nursery in Dubai who offer quality nursery education in an fun environment. Trust us for your kids and we will make sure to prepare them for a bright future.

About EYFS

EYFS is the abbreviation for Early Years Foundation Stage that is a set of standards for development, learning and care for children in the range 0-5 years of age in England. The system has been proved to be so useful and efficient that all the leading nurseries in Dubai are happily complying with EFYS. The setup ensures that your child gets the best education and childcare facilities. We, being the leading EYFS curriculum nursery in Dubai, make sure that your child learns everything in the most playful yet effective manner. Get in touch to help[ your child kick-start his journey to schooling with our preschool in Dubai.

How Do The Kids Learn?

In a British nursery, your child will be developing new skills and gather knowledge through 7 areas of learning that are:

Active Learning

Young kids learn the best when they get to do it by themselves or have a close exposure to the things. They tend to discover and play when they get to do it on their own. This is what active learning is all about. Being an important part of our nursery programs, these activities help your child to be confident about themselves and perform daily tasks in the most efficient manner.

• Communication & language
• Personal & Social Development
• Physical & Mental Development
• Literacy
• Understanding the world
• Mathematics
• Expressing through arts and designs

All the above will mostly be performed through games and stories that will allow your child to grow as an individual and prepare himself for school education. In our British nursery Dubai, we focus on developing efficient learning skills in the kids using the systematic EYFS approach. They learn to be confident, make new relations, manage their behaviour and feelings, be aware about health and safety, tend to understand and learn more attentively, learn to read and write, start recognizing shapes and numbers, and begin using their imaginations to create things. Here, we have pointed out a few things about us: • We prepare kids for school education by giving them an environment where they get to learn mixing with their classmates, develop better social skills, and learn to be comfortable in an environment outside their home.
• We let kids play together and enjoy group tasks. That is how they learn the importance of team work and the power of doing things together.
• Your kids become more active, physically and mentally.
• We also help them with the required lifestyle ethics. Starting from a potty training to teaching them how to sit, talk and behave, we do it all.
• If you are a working parent, we can benefit you as well by taking care of your children in your working hours.

Visit Our Campus Today..

Take some time out of your busy schedule and pay a visit to our EYFS curriculum nursery in Dubai. In our British nursery Dubai, you will find all the arrangements your child needs after stepping out of the home for the first time. Our classrooms are equipped with all the modern gadgets and facilities to make the learning process as interesting and efficient as possible. Also, we have play areas with toys and sport arrangements to keep them engaged throughout the day!