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Best Kids Nursery In Dubai

Welcome To Green Grass Nursery, One Of The Best Nurseries In Jumeirah!

Only the parents who are doing fulltime jobs can understand how challenging it can be to raise a child on their own. Thanks to the nurseries that have made it easier for the working parents to look after their child in a loving yet careful manner! If you are looking for the best kids nursery, you have clicked the right link. We are a British boutique kids nursery in Dubai that focuses on developing intelligence and skills among the young kids.

Our Highlights

We follow British framework, which is considered to be the most efficient one, for educational purposes. Our aim is to develop an independent attitude among the kids by exposing them to a social environment and giving an opportunity to mix up with the other kids and do things by themselves. We are voted as the 'best kids nursery’ by the parents who have trusted us for their kids and got impressive results. Here, we have mentioned a few highlights of our kids nursery in Dubai:

Innovative Approach

We believe in implementing new techniques in order to ensure a better development of kids. Our team keeps researching for innovative ideas to educate children in a fun manner. Doing so, we prepare your child for school and develop good habits in them. Trust our kids nursery in Dubai and you will soon start noticing a positive difference in their confidence level and social schools. Get in touch with us now!

We Keep It Diverse

We respect variety in every sense, be it in terms of culture, or kids with different personalities. Not two kids are exactly same, and this is what makes them unique. We understand this fact and have designed our programs according to that. We celebrate diversity and inspire our children to be attentive to others, respect others the way they want it for them, and create and maintain a happy, healthy environment.

Trained, Passionate Staff

We have passionate staff in our kids nursery in Dubai who are trained well to take a good care of your kids. A good pre-schooling very much depends on how good the staff is. We are here to nurture the most precious resources and turn them into intelligent, responsible individuals which is not an easy task for sure. Don't be stressed; our supportive staff will help you out!

We Believe In Teamwork

At Green Grass Nursery, we believe in working together. We appreciate each other, believe in our talents, and have faith in the idea of working together and bringing results. In our nursery, we not just take care of your kids but also take extra time to sit and discuss about the new ideas that can be implemented to help the kids grow in a better way. Each child has got amazing abilities and it's not possible to handle each and everything for one person alone. That's why we believe in working together and helping each other to do the things more efficiently.

Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

Your child will be very comfortable with us. The reason is, our indoor and outdoor play areas with a lot of soft toys. Children enjoy E-Learning more if they get to do it while playing. We understand this and have get our nursery designed keeping the same in mind.