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Our Beautiful Second Home

Green Grass Nursery is a British boutique nursery in Dubai that welcomes children from six months to four years of age.
GGN has been supporting families since 2013 and is committed to providing a happy and safe environment in which children can develop and thrive at their own pace and be prepared for school. We are hugely proud of our indoor and outdoor facilities, we have developed our classes for different age of group enabling us to resource each room appropriately for the age of group with a limitation of inclusion of commercial toys.

Best nursery in Jumeirah 1(Dubai)

You will have complete peace of mind leaving your children in the hands of our qualified and caring staff.
Your child’s transition from home to our nursery should be seamless and it will feel like a Home Away from Home.
Our multicultural nursery is set in the heart of Jumeirah1 accessed from city walk Dubai and Jumeirah Beach road; it makes working parents' lives effortless. Another major catchment area for our nursery includes Kite beach and La Mer.

Nursery in Jumeirah 1
About Green Grass
About Green Grass

Happy Children , Happy Parents

Compliance & Regulations

We are working closely with the local governmental sectors to ensure the children are safe & secure.
We are adhering all the compliances for ensuring the efficiency , effectiveness and quality of our audits and inspections .

About Green Grass
About Green Grass
About Green Grass
About Green Grass
About Green Grass

At Green Grass Nursery, we are passionate about developing bilingualism in kids and ensure a better future for them. We, being a multilingual nursery in Dubai, specialise in preparing your children for their future endeavours by providing multilingual education to them. Our preschool teachers are native speakers who have good command over written and spoken English at the same time. So, if you are looking for a bilingual nursery in Dubai, you are at the right place!

They Become More Logical

Brain scans of bilingual speakers suggest that their brain is more active and works perfectly when it comes to put logic and that’s the reason why you need to find the best nursery in Jumeirah for your child. Being more logical is not just about schooling or books, it helps your child throughout the life. Your kids become more confident about everything going on around them and they are better at making decisions if compared to the people who speak just one language. The kids speaking more than one language are more aware and do better in cognitive performance tests.

It Enables Your Child To Turn Out Distractions & Focus More

When brain divides tasks it has to work on, in case there are more than one, it makes use of executive function. In bilingual children, as they have to deal with more than one language, the executive function development is better than the kids who speak just one language. What else can you expect from a bilingual nursery in Dubai? A foreign language is one of the best gifts you can bless your kid with, isn't it? So, don’t think much; visit our nursery in Jumeirah 1 today!

How Can A Multilingual Nursery In Dubai Benefit Your Child?

Here, we have mentioned a number of ways in which a bilingual nursery in Dubai can benefit your child. Take a look:

Their Problem Solving Skill Is Enhanced

Our multilingual nursery in Dubai can help your child be more efficient when it comes to solve problems. Being in the best nursery in Jumeirah opens the horizons and makes children think more clearly. They can easily see through the problem, use logic, break it down and solve without a hassle. This skill helps them lead a more successful yet less complex life.

Bilingual Kids Are More Curious

Speaking more than one language makes children more curious about everything around them. This is what we do to your child. You should not underestimate the importance of being curious in life. It opens so many opportunities that were not even there before they were tried. Curious kids tend to look for something in everything which eventually helps them with an access to so many things that others don't even know about.

They Love Exploring Anything They Are Put Into

This one might seem obvious to you as we have already discussed about the kids being more logical and curious. You must understand that a foreign language is not just a language; it is a whole another world. Being multilingual will help your kid to explore more as they find themselves to be able to communicate with the people from all around the world. Not just the places, they find themselves able to explore and extract something useful out of any situation as well. This is what our nursery in Jumeirah 1 does to your kid!

It Helps Them Combat The Process Of Mental Aging

A study conducted on mental aging last year shows that people who speak a foreign language are more efficient at dealing with age related memory problems. They are better at remembering things in compared to the ones who speak only their native language. They were found to be able to delay Alzheimer's and other such problems. The logic is, multilingualism is life an exercise for brain which helps people to keep their brains more healthy than the ones who know just one language.